Yieldnodes Review 2022 – Is This Crypto Investment A Scam?

Yieldnodes is a platform for earning passive income and offers a monthly yield of 7% to 10%. It indicates that your money will double in value in around ten months. The best thing is that the Bitcoin price fluctuation will not impact your earnings at Yieldnodes. They use a fantastic tool known as masternodes, which will be discussed in more detail later.


Generally, by becoming a member of Yieldnodes and making financial investments through it, you are participating in the process of masternoding.


If you wish to learn more about Yieldnodes, keep reading.

Masternode Overview

One type of special server in a blockchain network is called a “Masternode.” It offers private services, verifies real-time trades, and contributes to the management of the network as a whole. Fees paid to the masternode in exchange for these services function as an incentive system similar to a commission.


However, to become operate a masternode, one must first secure money. Akin to placing money in a custodial account in exchange for a higher social standing and subsequent benefits. The time it takes to recoup the invested coins varies amongst masternodes or the ROI. The answer to this question is contingent upon the token’s protocol and the inner workings of the blockchain network.

Yieldnodes Benefits and Key Features

Yieldnodes are equipped with essential characteristics to the consumers’ advantage.


  1. The expected and actual monthly revenue on masternodes is 5-15%.


  1. The program receives 15% of the total, while the participants receive 85%. (the rental payment).


  1. There will be a full refund of the rental fee plus any profits gained if the yield falls below 5% for three consecutive months.


  1. As a whole, the rate of return was 1,167.09% per year (since inception in Sept 2019)


  1. The past 26 months of average yield was 11%, which works out to a yearly yield of 132% (or 249.85% compounded).


  1. The minimum deposit is 500 Euros (about $565), and the maximum is 250,000 Euros (about $281,000).


  1. Yieldnodes require a 6-month commitment at a bare minimum.


  1. Bitcoin, Euros, US Dollars, Visa, Credit cards, SAPP Coupons, Bank Wire, and other fiat and cryptocurrencies are all accepted.


  1. Investment returns are distributed monthly in Bitcoin and are withdrawable or compounded automatically.


  1. No costs whatsoever, whether yearly or monthly, to become a member. The yields shown are after deducting Yieldnodes’ 15% management charge.

Yieldnodes Risks

The main danger associated with Yieldnodes is that it suddenly stops operating. They are quite forthright about the fact that they do not anticipate these kinds of returns to last indefinitely.


It is a high-risk investment, as is made clear on their website. Don’t risk any cash that you can’t afford to lose. However, they have assured everyone that, as this is not trading, the risk of losing money is quite low. Yieldnodes talk about price changes and the currency itself. That’s the biggest danger.


Here is a detailed review video;

Getting Started with Yieldnodes

The initial steps require little effort. Participation and investment are open to those without prior expertise or possession of cryptocurrencies. Any money you deposit with Yieldnodes will be automatically converted to Bitcoin and added to your portfolio.


After an initial investment period of six months, you can receive interest payments or have your earnings compounded.


The minimal time frame for investing any amount of money is six months. It is because Yieldnodes need this minimal commitment to stake the money associated with your portion of the investment pool. Therefore, it’s up to you whether you want to raise your monthly investment to increase your share or if you want to compound your investment to improve your return.

Withdraw Funds from Yieldnodes

Your funds will be held for six months after the deposit. You can also make an emergency withdrawal. However, doing so will cost you 25% of their initial deposit. 


Additionally, you should know that you can access your money anytime during those six months if an emergency arises. That being said, feel free to go ahead and do it if the situation calls for it. 


But ideally, you’d want to wait for the full six months so you wouldn’t have to fork up such a big cost. At the six-month mark, you’ll be able to see how much of your balance is withdrawable. The monthly earnings for your masternoded amount will accumulate here, and you may withdraw them whenever you choose.


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Is Yieldnodes a scam?

Yieldnodes is not a fraud; the company is quite open about its business, and masternoding is a very legitimate concept.

What is the monthly return on investment?

Yieldnodes’ ROI depends on the market price of the many cryptocurrencies it employs, which might fluctuate from month to month. ROI has fluctuated from month to month but has generally been about 10.7% from the beginning.

What exactly does Yieldnodes do with my money?

Each member’s contribution to Yieldnodes’ over $1,000,000 masternode pool is combined with the contributions of other members. Generally, masternode pools are groups of people that work together to invest in bitcoin and receive a monthly return on their holdings.