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Future of mining is here now...

We love when autonomous, closed, self-circuit systems that require minimal maintenance are operating on us, don't we?

How to put together all these technological solutions in the mining of crypto currency? How not to worry about the cost and infinity of electricity? How not to worry about the need of regularly cleaning from the dust and dirt, or the farm ventilation and all fees themselves, do not worry about the availability of the Internet and the correct raye of currency for mining? We set that goal. And we achieved it.

We combined solar panels, electricity storage system, immersion cooling, self mining, and added to this cocktail a self-learning control system that independently changes crypto-currencies for mining based on the situation on the market. The ideal system. As we wanted. And you'll like it too.

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Our advantages

Solar energy

Environment friendly, environment-independent energy for mining. It's ideal for countries with hot climates. No harm to the environment. An eternal source of energy without wear and loss of power.


At night time, the drop in the efficiency of solar panels is compensated by the accumulated energy reserves in accumulators during daytime. The newest batteries have high efficiency and long service life.

Immersion cooling

The final solution of problems with uneven cooling boards, pollution of expensive electronic components, fan noise and permanent system repairs. Remember the constantly heatted up cars in the beginning of the last century? Immersion cooling is the future of mining.

Inteligent currency

Specially developed software analyzes the market situation in real time and switches mining modes between different currencies, achieving maximum efficiency of cryptomining.


Untying the mining units from power supplies allows you to place autonomous systems in the most convenient places - no metter how far from the civilization areas , in many places at the same time. At the same time, such a decentralized system will work as one.

Legal conditions

Due to various ways of connecting to the Internet and the lack of dependence on electricity, the owner of the system does not bear the risk of "excessive regulation" by the state.The system can not be legally disconnected from electricity or the Internet.

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Projected annual token profit:
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  • 3 year ............................................... $0
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Your income: 161% per year

Projected annual
income based on your

Projected annual token profit:

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5 year


token payout

The above model shows the estimated ROI for the projected annual profit on tokens, calculated for a reinvestment strategy of 25% under current market conditions and complexity of mining. This model includes unproductive management costs, research, development and other expenses of the company at a rate of 9%, and also takes into account that 18% of the tokens are not distributed (see the technical document for distribution information). Actual results may be higher or lower. The model is an example of calculation. This model should not be considered as information for investing.

bounty program

Our special bounty programm will allow even small inverstors to earn.We decided that any activity should be rewarded and created an extra reward for active members of our community. So feel free to participate.

special terms

It's not a secret that every team tries to reach big investors. That's why we can offer special investment terms for investment founds and private bussines angels with minimal amount of 1 million euro.

Free power

It's an ideal closed-circuit infrastracture for mining.Free power means that we dont depend on any govermental power supply.We can mine cryptos.With no expences.Any unused electricity might be sold to the state.That's a bonus.

functional mvp

Ready, tested and working solar mining cluster that generates us daily income.Its not an investments into some idea or virtual software product. Its a complex of hardware, that works every day.

income growth

The more solar stations we have-the more power we have.More power means more miners.More miners means more crypto-currency and more money for us and our investors.

Automatic crypto-currecy choice

We are creating a special algorithm that automaticly switches mining process to more profitable coin to mine in certain period of market conditions. It means, that profitability of mining will increase

road map

Token pre-sale

Smart contract deployment.GitHub listing.Start of pre-sale.


Launching HeliosCoin ICO

  • - beginning of ICO
  • - mining clusters increasement
  • - blockchain intercalation

Power increasement - mining and solar

10 mWt electric solar system installation. Immersion cooling boxes installation.

Mining equipment installation. Begining of mining.


iOs and Android app

  • • iOs and Android app implementation for clusters buyers

Our team

Decentralised ecosystem of investments in blockchain technology.
No need to be a crypto guru to invest in the most stable and promising cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects

Stanislav Kharianov

CEO, Founder, mining enthusiast

The future of mining is here and now. It all depends on electricity capacity. With solar energy mining capacities are infinite...

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  • Sergey Kosse

    Business Development Director

    I believe in the project because it has realistic goals, brings real value to the community and environment-friendly.
    Plus its a future of mining.

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  • Donald Fiander

    Project Management

    Being involved into such a great project its a big honnor.
    And i feel like we are creating an ideal mining system and now i am proud of it.

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  • Larry Cameron

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    A blockchain enthusiast, cyber security guru, data center engineer, mining specialist and ICO Ninja

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    I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful.

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  • Anders Larsson

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    From prototype to finished product...step by step we were creating an ideal mining system and now i am proud of it.

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  • Elvira Nazipova

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    I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful.That's fantastic-to make money from the sun.

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  • Sam Bzezz

    Tech guy, miner enthusiast

    From prototype to finished product...step by step we were creating an ideal mining system and now i am proud.

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  • Vitaliy Chebotarev

    Bounty Team

    Mining with zero electricity cost - thats our future. Helios goes forward the progress like electrocars.Ima happy to be here.

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